Ben Holst

Musician / Composer / Producer / Mixer


I live to record and record to live.

My story is not dissimilar to most people committed to a life of performing arts and recording studios. I am lucky to have found it early, and  have received some crucial thumbs up along the way. From my first Sound-On-Sound guitar overdub on a Sony 1/4 track reel to reel machine to Latte runs for Stone Temple Pilots, a two year stint as the Voiceover guy for Full Throttle Energy Drinks to long distance orchestral collaborations over high capacity fiber optic networks, I've seen a wide spectrum of audio craftsmanship and have found some interesting paychecks along the way.   

While I am fortunate to have an intimate relationship with the various machines and robots involved with capturing sound, what drives me are the Humans. Every day is an adventure, and every situation uniquely different. Humans continue to be  the most powerful tools in the recording process.   

There are few things more exciting than having a studio full of musicians, singers, camera crew, interns, entourage, PA's, assistants, actors, voice talents, creative directors, youth choirs, pizza delivery guys, and improvisors with their hopes and dreams at the mercy of my spacebar. I gladly accept this challenge and sincerely hope to continue pushing the envelope.